Credit Cards


Build Your Buying Power with the Credit Card that Best Suits Your Needs

All Security State Bank’s credit cards, whether a credit, debit or ATM access card, offer convenience in purchasing and emergency cash. These cards are honored at all VISA and MasterCard merchants and ATMs worldwide. Plus, our cards are free when used at Security State Bank’s ATM’s in Basin, Greybull, Sheridan, Worland and Gillette.


VISA Check Card

Need the convenience of a credit card? The VISA Check Card (debit card) provides both ATM access as well as purchasing at all VISA and MasterCard merchants worldwide but without the use of credit. We have no monthly fees, and all transactions will be accounted for on your monthly bank statement.

ATM Access Card

Our ATM card is ideal for those who only wish to access cash machines. There is no fee at Security State Bank ATM’s.


Platinum Visa Card

Security State Bank, Partnering with TCM Bank, N.A., now offers a Platinum Visa Card to help enhance you purchasing power.  Click here or the banner above for more information.


To Report a Lost or Stolen Card Call Toll Free

Visa Debit Card: 1-800-472-3272

Consumer Visa Credit Card: 1-800-883-0131

Business Visa Credit Card: 1-800-423-7503