Personal Loans

At Security State Bank we offer loans tailored to your individual financial needs. Whether you’re interested in a new car or making home improvements, our lending team will help you through the loan process. Competitive rates and terms with local decisions. Submit a Request Today

Automobile Loan

We put you in the driver’s seat. Finance your new or used vehicle today!

Recreational Vehicle Loan

Security State Bank offers loans for travel trailers, motor homes, boats, motorcycles, and more.

Home Equity Loans (sometimes known as a second mortgage)

Allows you to borrow against the equity in your home. You can use this loan for anything you wish – including improvements to your home. The rates on home equity loans tend to be significantly lower than rates on credit cards, so this may be a more economical option than paying for what you need with a credit card.

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

You are given a credit limit based on the available equity in your home. You can advance up to the credit limit as you pay the balance down.
• Competitive interest rates
• Line of credit secured by your home’s equity
• Re-advance as you pay the balance down

Savings/Certificate of Deposit (CD) Secured Loans

If you have a Security State Bank savings account or CD, you can use it as collateral for a loan—meaning you get a lower annual percentage rate (in comparison to unsecured loan or line of credit products) without touching your savings. Consider borrowing against your savings or CD and continue to let your nest egg grow.

Unsecured Loans

Ideal for small purchases or products, a Security State Bank unsecured loan can provide savings if your alternative is a credit card, which often carries a higher interest rate.

Ready Reserve (Overdraft Protection)

Ready Reserve is a personal, overdraft line of credit tied to your checking account. A separate application is required. Once approved, the amount of your available credit line is readily accessible to cover overdrafts. See a banker for complete account details, terms and conditions, or to apply today!

Lot Loans

Begin building equity before you even start your construction. A lot loan helps provide short-term financing for the property you intend to build your dream home on.

Debt Consolidation

With a debt consolidation loan from Security State Bank you can combine your high rate debt into one fixed low payment you can afford.


*With credit approval