Transfer the Cents

As we have move more towards debit and credit cards usage versus cash, the Transfer the Cents program just makes sense, helping you save while you spend.

While we don’t see quite as many change jars as we used to, with this program, you can still save your change!

This is how it works:
Each time you use your Security State Bank debit card, the difference between the amount of the POS debit card transaction and the next whole dollar amount will be transferred to a savings or checking account of your choice that you have with us. Over time, that change will add up until you look at your balance and discover you have a nice amount of money saved without even realizing it!

See our example below how your change can really add up.

Next time you grab a coffee, buy groceries or pay for gas at your favorite local business, not only are you supporting a local businesses, but you’re supporting your savings, too! The .70 cents you saved will automatically go right into your savings (or checking account) account without having to lift a finger.

Open a new savings or checking account online today in about ten minutes. Click here

What are you waiting for? Complete the enrollment form today!


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